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Who Is Well Beyond?

Many people believe chocolate exists as a decadent indulgence to be enjoyed in times of celebration, or even as a comfort when life gets hard. While chocolate is a large part of life, there’s more to it than what many see on the surface. Enter Well Beyond.

Well Beyond isn’t your ordinary chocolate company. They believe chocolate can change lives—for the better. They strive to infuse the world with greatness, elevating it from mediocrity. Be it in health, relationships, happiness, success, and life in general, they hold themselves to the highest potential. By doing so, they’re inspired to go well beyond in everything they do each and every day.

Health and happiness go together like peas and carrots, only they like to substitute some of those vegetables with a healthy dose of chocolate. Doing so helps people push ahead just a little further to reach a new goal or help a stranger in need. You see, chocolate is more than just a late-night snack or a drizzle on your ice cream sundae. Chocolate is a way of life and can be used to infuse your very being with greatness, to help you push ahead and tackle life’s monumental challenges, and surpass expectations.

Healthy Chocolate Changes Lives

Well Beyond changes lives.
The words healthy and chocolate aren’t always thought of synonymously, but that’s a fallacy that needs to be remedied. Chocolate—when done right—not only provides rich health benefits, but can help aid your physical performance as well. Let’s take a look at all the ways healthy chocolate can change lives.

Why Healthy Chocolate

You don’t have to give up chocolate in order to eat a more healthy diet. In fact, adding healthy chocolate to your diet can bolster your over all health and well-being. Besides, it tastes great, and anything that tantalizes your taste buds while maintaining healthy benefits should most certainly be included in any diet.

Weight Loss

Believe it or not, eating chocolate can help you lose weight. Before you break into the nearest chocolate bar or down a gallon of chocolate milk, however, there are a few provisions that must be taken into consideration.

First, some chocolate is better than others (which we will explore in more detail later on), but let it be said that milk chocolate isn’t your best friend in the realm of weight loss. Also, gorging yourself on chocolate won’t contribute to any form of weight loss, either. With that said, here is how chocolate can help shed the pounds.

Simply stated, eating a bit of chocolate now and then helps fight cravings. By fighting cravings instead of giving in to them, you remain in control. A small indulgence in healthy chocolate will help keep your cravings in check, rather than have you reaching for something potentially more sugary when the urge becomes irresistible.


Dark chocolate—not the sugary stuff, mind you—is comparable in (and even exceeds) antioxidant content than some notoriously healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables. According to Health Line, dark chocolate and cocoa contain more antioxidants than blueberries and Acai berries. Considering we’ve been told since childhood that fruits are one of the most healthy foods around, this is certainly something to think about.

The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Obsorbance Capacity) score (which is how antioxidants are measured) in 100 grams of raw cacao is 28,000. As an arbitrary number, that may look meaningless. But, compared to other healthy foods we know and love, we begin to see where this becomes a big deal. The ORAC score of 100 grams of strawberries is only 1,540, and even less for spinach, coming in at 1,260.

Antioxidants are thought to coincide with various health benefits, which may include better heart health, and also lower risk for infections and types of cancer. Finding natural sources of antioxidants is ideal, which is where cocoa and dark chocolate really shine.

Guiltless PleasureWell Beyond healthy chocolate.

You love chocolate, but sometimes you may feel a bit of guilt for indulging in some. This could be because your diet doesn’t allow for it, you don’t want it to go to your waist, or the stigma behind chocolate dictates it as something you should feel guilty about eating. Whatever the reason, you don’t need to feel guilt and remorse when eating healthy chocolate.

Think about it this way. With healthy chocolate, you’re not putting the same things into your body as you are with other kinds of chocolate. Healthy chocolate is named such because—you guessed it—it actually is healthy. As such, eating healthy chocolate does your body good rather than harm. So chin up! Eating healthy doesn’t have to involve ditching your beloved chocolates.

Regular vs. Healthy Chocolate

But what’s the big deal with regular chocolate, you ask? And why is healthy chocolate a better option? These are the burning questions that need to be answered. After all, if healthy chocolate turns out to be not much better than regular chocolate, then why bother at all?

Fortunately, healthy chocolate is much better, and here’s why.

For starters, healthy chocolate is packed with nutrients, substantially more so than regular milk chocolate. For example, there is approximately four times as much manganese (a good thing) in dark, healthy chocolate (98%) than in its milk chocolate counterpart (24%). The iron levels in dark chocolate are also higher than in milk chocolate. And, when it comes to fiber, dark chocolate once again blows milk chocolate out of the water.

Another key, and rather obvious, difference is in the name. Milk chocolate, as implied, contains milk. Pure cocoa should have no milk in it at all, making it the ideal treat for anyone with milk allergies.

Dark chocolate has stronger flavor, due to the fact that it has a more concentrated amount of cocoa. Milk chocolate has a much milder flavor, which comes from the reduced cocoa content within.

Speaking of reduced cocoa content, milk chocolate substitutes sugar for what it lacks in actual cocoa. As you might expect, this doesn’t bode well in terms of a good, healthy treat. With dark chocolate—the darker the better—the sugar content is drastically less.

Benefits of Chocolate

As a healthy food option, chocolate also comes with many benefits, both health and otherwise. We’ve already discussed a few health benefits, such as in its high levels of antioxidants, but there are more that should be touched on.

Let’s start with brain power. While chocolate may not make you the next Einstein, it can certainly help bolster your brain’s ability to process information. This works because flavanols in dark chocolate dilate your blood vessels, allowing the flow of blood and oxygen to reach key areas of your brain. The effect of this is a short-term boost of cognitive skills.

Healthy chocolate may also help improve eyesight. Once again, this may be in part due to an increased and more effective blood flow.

Heart health may be another benefit from dark chocolate. According to one study, dark chocolate may help reduce inflammation. Leaving the science to the aforementioned study, antioxidants and fiber in dark chocolate aren’t fully digested until they reach the colon, and it is there that they are broken down and absorbed, thereby lessening inflammation and reducing the risk of stroke. Healthy chocolate can also lower blood pressure, as explained in a study from the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Change Your Chocolate

Just because you want a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to do away with chocolate. On the contrary, eating the right kind of chocolate can be a huge asset to that healthy lifestyle. Substitute your regular chocolate for healthy chocolate. If you’re not a chocolate eater, perhaps because of milk allergies, then now is the perfect time to become one! As you’ve seen, there are plenty of health benefits with eating the right kind of chocolate. And now that you know, you can take strides to incorporating chocolate into your healthy lifestyle.

Xe Energy

Well Beyond helathy energy drinks.

Mixing chocolate with energy, the Well Beyond XE Energy drink is a unique blend of super fruits and cocoa that support heightened alertness, mental clarity, and focus with a boost of long-lasting healthy energy helping you stay alert without the crash that come with other energy drinks. This special blend is the first lightly carbonated cacao-based antioxidant energy drink on the market. One of the unique ingredients in the XE Energy drink is the natural cocoa powder, providing you with all the health benefits mentioned above, along with those of the included fruits and other ingredients as well.

The Well Beyond XE Lite energy drink provides you even more nutrients, with 100% vitamin C, and 50% of five B vitamins of your recommended daily value. Compared with other energy drinks, the nutritional and health value of XE Energy and XE Lite drinks is far superior. Unlike other energy drinks that cause a “crash” within the consumer due to high levels of sugar and caffeine, the XE energy drinks energize without the ensuing crash. And, best of all, the XE energy drinks are loads healthier.

What Well Beyond Offers

Well Beyond is more than just a chocolate company. Everything they offer is for the betterment of both your health and well-being. Here’s what they bring to the table.

Well Byond Remity is a group of supplements that help you relax and stay sharp and focused throughout the day and promotes deep, restful, and restorative sleep at night. Best of all, there’s no hangover effect, so when you optimize your mind, body, and spirit with Remity, you don’t have to worry about any after effects.Well Beyond healthy lifestyle.

Weight control has never tasted so good! With Well Beyond Salted Carmel Vanilla and Dark Chocolate shakes, you get a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and other essential ingredients with heaps of antioxidants. These shakes are delicious meal replacements, balanced with whey protein, fiber, essential vitamins, 19 amino acids, and natural cold-pressed Omega 3.

The energy drinks Well Beyond provides are a healthy alternative to other energy drinks on the market which are loaded with caffeine, sugar, and other ingredients that can do harm to your body. Find the energy you need without sacrificing health and the crash that’s so common with other brands.

And, of course, their healthy chocolate is where it all begins. From Nuggets infused with the rich flavors of acai and blueberry to Dark Peanut Butter Cups, there’s a healthy option for everyone. And, their chocolate varieties are made to help you in many ways, including enhanced immune and digestive support, as well as in your love life (oh yes!).

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to some healthy chocolate today!

Written by: Jordan Knight – JVK27