Player Spotlight: Alex Refresh

Alex is 23 and loves long walks on the beach, interrupted only by getting multi-kills. Alex has played Halo since the very beginning for fun and on and off competitively. He recently took 1st at a Microsoft sponsored local event In Salt Lake City and is attending Dreamhack in Denver as team captain of Stimpack’s Halo 5 team.

Alex is also a community organizer for Smash Brothers Melee. He started spectating Melee during his MLG days, and has been learning more about the game through playing and hosting tournaments. Alex hosts a weekly tournament on Fridays in North Salt Lake for Smash Brothers Players and is continually involved in growing the community and helping smashers in Utah come together to fest!

Although Alex has his favorites, he loves the entire eSport scene and the people it brings together. Alex currently is a freelance eSport Tournament Organizer for a variety of games.

We asked Alex what his number one goal was and he responded: “I am always working towards helping the eSports community grow, and bring them together and of course to build my reputation and skill, as a personality and player.” We wish Alex luck at Dreamhack and hope he brings home some hardware.

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Written by: Jordan Knight – JVK27

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