Stimpack Energy Pill Ingredients Are:

  • Safe
  • Potent
  • Use No Fillers
  • Drug Free
  • Well Researched
  • Gamer Approved

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Theanine is an amino acid that is mostly found in green tea. People use theanine for treating anxiety and ADHD. Theanine is known to promote a relaxed and calm mood. Theanine increases GABA alpha brain wave activity which creates a relaxation, mental focus, and puts you in the “zone”.

What do you get when you take theanine (a relaxant) with caffeine (a stimulant)? Unmatched focus with a smooth, clean energy that is unrivaled by other energy pills or drink concoctions. Theanine gets rid of all the negative side effects without compromising caffeine’s desired perks. This combination is by far the most popular legal nootropic on the market. Don’t believe us? Google it.

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Caffeine (natural, from coffee beans)

E-athletes have been using caffeine for years with great success. Caffeine is a stimulant that boosts mental alertness, but can have some negative side effects such as jitters and anxiety. However, caffeine is very effective if paired with theanine and theobromine. This combination removes the unwanted side effects of caffeine allowing you to focus on your gaming session.

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A naturally occurring amino acid, beta-alanine has been shown to support certain physical performance.

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A mood-bossting amino acid, DL-phenylalanine supports brain function

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DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol)

An amino acid compound, DMAE supports mental vigilance and alertness, as well as overall mood.

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Huperzine A 1%

A phytochemical extracted from the Chinese herb Huperzia serrata, huperzine A supports mental function.

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Unlike caffeine, theobromine has an extra methyl group Having an additional methyl group slows the clearance of theobromine from the body. Thus, theobromine will give you a longer 7-12 hours of sustained energy and focus compared to caffeine.

With the right dose, theobromine can act as a very effective vasodilator. It causes the nerves in the veins to relax in order to allow a significant increase in blood flow to the brain. More blood to the brain allows you to work at a much higher intensity and allows you to increase your game time focus.

Theobromine is great for e-athletes in that it is both a stimmulant and vasodilator. Taken before a gaming session aids in motivation, providing energy, and an intense focus to help you dominate and play for longer periods.

How does theobromine stack up compared to caffeine, in terms of energy, focus, etc.? Theobromine is not a replacement for caffeine. Caffeine taken with theobromine creates a synergistic effect which cannot be achieved by taking caffeine or theobromine alone.

Theobromine taken with caffeine gets rid of the unwanted side effects associated with caffeine. No more jitters, anxiety, or crash! After the caffeine wears off theobromine kicks in with a mild energy and focus.

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Vitamin B12

While vitamin B12 in and of itself won’t give you energy, concentration, improved memory, or a boosted mood, it will do so for gamers who are deficient in the vitamin. Many gamers miss out on proper nutrition due to stereotypical eating habits (think chips and soda). Gamers who take Stimpack on a fairly regular basis won’t miss out on this vital nutrient.

Vitamin B12 helps convert the food you eat into glucose, which in turn gives you energy.

Other benefits of vitamin B12 include red blood cell production, nervous system and spinal cord maintenance, and regeneration of gastrointestinal/respiratory tracts and bone marrow.

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