Why Malzahar and the Ardent Censor Ruined the Worlds Finals

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This past weekend League of Legends had a sold-out crowd in the Birds Nest (Beijing National Stadium) in Beijing China. The event was a spectacle we saw fireworks, augmented reality elder dragons and live music. What we didn’t see was a competitive or interesting game of league of legends. Allow me to defend my claim. Malzahar Counters Skill All three games had almost the same champions from both teams. Malzahar was the pick in all three games by Samsung Galaxy. … Read More

Player Spotlight: Alex Refresh

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Alex is 23 and loves long walks on the beach, interrupted only by getting multi-kills. Alex has played Halo since the very beginning for fun and on and off competitively. He recently took 1st at a Microsoft sponsored local event In Salt Lake City and is attending Dreamhack in Denver as team captain of Stimpack’s Halo 5 team. Alex is also a community organizer for Smash Brothers Melee. He started spectating Melee during his MLG days, and has been learning … Read More

PUBG vs Fortnite Battle Royale – How They Measure Up

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I just spent a few hours playing Fortnite’s battle royal mode in an attempt to compare PUBG vs Fortnite Battle Royal. I love PUBG and I wanted to hate Fortnite. I wanted to call it a copycat piece of garbage. That all went out the window in my first match. This is an entirely different game with a very attractive game flow that will certainly carve out a niche for itself. Let’s get started with how the two titles are … Read More

Who is the Best LOL Player? An Argument for Faker

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It’s a claim many fans are readily willing to proclaim. Due to the intricacies and variety of playing styles League of Legends offers, determining who the best LOL player is typically not an easy question to answer. Spend some time on twitter and you’ll be inundated with MORE than enough opinions. It’s becoming, and has become, even clearer (in light of the recent Worlds results) who’s worthy to claim the title: Safe to say Faker is the best player ever … Read More

Theanine and Caffeine for Gaming

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Caffeine & Gaming Most gamers have a love/hate relationship with caffeine. On the one hand it can provide intense focus, energy, and a nice mental boost. On the other hand caffeine can give you jitters, anxiety, and headaches. Consistent use of caffeine has been shown to cause chronic fatigue syndrome. You’ll know you have chronic fatigue syndrome when you get 10+ hours of sleep and still feel like a zombie the next morning. Luckily science has discovered that combining theanine … Read More

The Steroids of eSports: A Growing Problem?

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How big of a problem has it become? Performance enhancing drugs have traditionally been used in all types of sports. It’s no secret that the performance of athletes can be immensely enhanced by taking certain drugs. Typically, athletes will take some type of steroid or growth hormone to increase stamina and strength. With the rise of eSports we are starting to see a huge increase in e-athletes taking enhancing drugs. However, in the realm of eSports, concentration and reaction time … Read More

How Bad is Playing Video Games Before Sleep?

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Do you spend a lot of time gaming? Do you find it hard to turn off your gaming system or ever hear yourself saying “just one more game”? Playing video games before sleep is becoming a big problem and is adding to our sleepless society. Having an adequate amount of sleep is vital for a solid gaming session. It’s pretty much common sense that the right amount of sleep will improve your health. Without sleep we will have a hard … Read More