PUBG vs Fortnite Battle Royale – How They Measure Up

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I just spent a few hours playing Fortnite’s battle royal mode in an attempt to compare PUBG vs Fortnite Battle Royal. I love PUBG and I wanted to hate Fortnite. I wanted to call it a copycat piece of garbage. That all went out the window in my first match. This is an entirely different game with a very attractive game flow that will certainly carve out a niche for itself. Let’s get started with how the two titles are … Read More

Who is the Best LOL Player? An Argument for Faker

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It’s a claim many fans are readily willing to proclaim. Due to the intricacies and variety of playing styles League of Legends offers, determining who the best LOL player is typically not an easy question to answer. Spend some time on twitter and you’ll be inundated with MORE than enough opinions. It’s becoming, and has become, even clearer (in light of the recent Worlds results) who’s worthy to claim the title: Safe to say Faker is the best player ever … Read More